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Year At A Glance: OVERVIEW
February 22, 2024
Membership as of 12-31-2022 205
Attendance 73
Females 106
Males 99
Racial Ethnic  
Asian / Pacific Islander / South Asian 0
Black / African American / African 1
Latino 6
Middle Eastern / North African 0
Multiracial 0
Native American / Alaska / Native Indigenous 0
White 198
Regular Contribution $308,596
Bequests $0
Investment Income $16,358
Capital Building Funds $0
Subsidy Aid $0
Other Income $34,997
Total Income $359,951
Local Program $298,188
Local Mission $19,350
Other Mission $3,000
Per Capita $10,251
Capital Expenditures $5,100
Investment Expense $0
Total Expenses $335,889
Deacons 1
Ruling Elders 11

PC(USA) does not have sufficient information to make an accurate interpretation for all "zero" responses.
Here are some of the uses for "zero" in the Church Trends tables.

  • Zero is the valid response for this question. There are no members in this group, no finances to report, etc.
  • The information was not available at the time that the report is filed.
  • The question was missed or skipped.
  • No Session Annual Statistical Report was filed.
The source for Church Trends data is the Session Annual Statistical Report.