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Four Years At A Glance: EDUCATION
February 22, 2024(Statistics are totals)
Churches Reporting 39
Membership 10,601
Female Members 5,923
Male Members 4,179
Birth through age 4 351
Elementary School 949
Middle School 510
High School 530
Churches Reporting Zero Total Education 0

PC(USA) does not have sufficient information to make an accurate interpretation for all "zero" responses.
Here are some of the uses for "zero" in the Church Trends tables.

  • Zero is the valid response for this question. There are no members in this group, no finances to report, etc.
  • The information was not available at the time that the report is filed.
  • The question was missed or skipped.
  • No Session Annual Statistical Report was filed.
The source for Church Trends data is the Session Annual Statistical Report.